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Passion for helping people and organizations grow and prosper drives me. Every person and organization face challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of progress toward their goals. I’ve faced those challenges, stumbled, and grown. Using my experience to help others overcome these challenges, grow faster and go further is deeply satisfying.  

During my 30+ years in business, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to provide leadership inside organizations as well as increasing leadership capacities from outside the organization as a consultant and business advisor. My time inside organizations in strategic leadership roles has provided a broad range of experience including the roles of Vice President, General Manager, and Chief Operations Officer. I’ve been in varied industries including insurance, manufacturing and telecommunications and served in leadership roles in human resources, operations, and general management. My work as a business consultant and facilitator with small and large organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, has provided understanding the challenges leaders face and what it takes to be successful.  

I started my human resource consulting practice in 1996. In 2013 I began working with The Resultants as a Business Advisor because our values and goals align so well. The Resultants help make big dreams a reality bringing rigor and discipline into the business to help if go further faster.  

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family and enjoy an active role in community leadership including my church, health care, and community nonprofits.  I’m an alumnus and fan of the University of Minnesota and enjoy the rivalry with my Badger friends across the river in Wisconsin.  

Jerry Olson, SPHR,SHRM-SCP

Business Advisor | EOS Implementer™ | Certified Value Builder™ Coach

Maximizer, Input, Responsibility, Analytical, Relator

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EOS Implementer, Strategic Planning, Disciplined execution, solving issues, improving processes,

Building a valuable business doesn't happen by accident. We help you plan carefully how to clarify the vision for a better future, gather the right people in the right seats, and measure progress toward the goals. Along the way we bring diligent execution  to find and allocate resource, overcome obstacles, solve issues, and gain traction.

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Select great people, engage them in the mission, and inspire them to top performance. HR Consulting

Engaged and inspired people are the heart and soul of every successful organization. We help you identify key human resources strategies for recruiting & selecting great people, engaging them in your mission, and inspiring them to top performance. 

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